Monday, January 5, 2009

Twenty-four hours until destination Ireland

24: Met my friend Jacky in New Brunswick
23: Went out to fill up their keg and get a bottle of Everclear for her friends going away party (She's also going to Ireland!)
22: Go out to Stuff Your Face and get delicious pierogis!
21: Back at the house and start catching up on life and drinking wine
20: Start drinking beer and taking shots...none of which I recommend
19: Still drinking--> 16
16: Three of us, pass out in the bed
12: Wake up to drive home
10 1/2: Arrive at home and start freaking out
9: Shower off the road grime...and hung over feeling
8: Go out to breakfast with my parents
7: Convince myself I lost my glasses and take apart my three and a half suitcases to look for them
6: Spend time weighing the benefits of bringing thirty thousand T-shirts...decide not to because of overweight suitcase costs (Ends up being overweight any way)
5: Curl up in a ball and decide I don't want to go. Teach my dad how to use iTunes
4:Leave for JFK. Finish reading Kushiel's Dart. Pretend we're going to Chuckie Cheese.
3: Arrive at the airport. Say good bye to parents and ask the security person if my piercings will set off the metal detector.
2: Spend 9 dollars on chicken noodle soup and bowtie pesto pasta. Become paranoid about leaving my bags unattended because of the continual warnings of the disembodied female voice on the loudspeaker.
1: Rock back and forth in my seat waiting to board.
1/2: Get onto the plane. Glare at the commotion in front of me when people can't figure out their seats. Realize I'm the root of the problem because I've sat on the wrong side of the plane.
...6 hours, the movies "The Rocker" and half of "City of Ember," another couple hundred pages of Kushiel's dart later...
I arrive in ireland. Oh yea baby.


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  2. Kushiel's Legacy series = best ever. Have fun in Ireland!

  3. Pierogis! Nice, nice. I'm glad you made it to Ireland in one piece!